What is Bonafide Certificate

What is Bonafide Certificate?

A bonafide certificate ( bonafied Certificate ) is a document through which your place of residence is verified.

Today we will know what is Bonafide certificate? and where do we read the requirement for the Bonafide certificate and how can we make this original residence certificate?

It is necessary for any person to get a certificate of his place of residence. Which is called the original residence certificate. Original residence certificates are used in many places during school and college. In scholarship, the original residence certificate has to be submitted.

Friends, as you know that if you go to take admission in school and college or open a bank account, then different types of documents are asked from you. From whom you get the right information about you. These are documents such as certificates, identity cards, birth certificates, and in many places all of these documents are in great need.

Apart from all these documents, there is another certificate which is very important, it is called Bonafide Certificate. Do you know what a Bonafide Certificate is? Most people do not know what a Bonafide Certificate is. When and how do you use BonaFide Certificate and where is it required?

What is BonaFide Certificate?

The BonaFide Certificate is called the original residence certificate. This means showing the authentication of your location. All students studying in school are given certificates. It is useful in applying for a government job. 

If you have a bonafide certificate at the time of government job, then you can easily apply for it. In many other places, a bonafide certificate is used. Earlier these were made offline, but now its process has been done online so that people do not face any problem and can get their bonafied certificate sitting at home.

Where is the BonaFide Certificate used?

Let us tell you the use of bonafide certificate:

  • Government job of Time:   If you apply for an official job you have must be bonafide certificate.
  • Higher education received to the order:   If you want to get the higher education you will need a bonafide certificate will be mandatory for him.
  • Scholarships to the order:   If you have received scholarships from schools and colleges bonafide certificates for his mandatory.

What documents are required to produce a bonafide certificate?

Friends, have you got a bonafide certificate, do you know what documents are required to get a BonaFide Certificate? If not, let us tell you which documents are mandatory for a bonafide certificate?

  • 2 passport size photographs
  • Birth certificate
  • Marksheet
  • Ration card etc.
  • If you have all these documents available, then you can easily get your bonafide certificate made.

Final Words:

In this article, we have tried to give complete information about What is a bonafide certificate.

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