10 tips for your long-lasting updo

We’ll show you 10 tricks on how your updo survives the day and the party evening, how you feel good, and how you can skillfully put yourself in the limelight as a glamor queen!

Updo hairstyles look elegant and give every outfit the right kick. There are countless types of updos: from the classic bun to the undone chignon to braided or loose plug-in variants.

But: With many updos, the styling is anything but optimal after a few hours and a little movement. The hair slips out of the bun, it begins to hang, the clips no longer hold, in short: you feel more like a torn chicken than a glamor queen. It becomes downright dramatic when desperation leads to wanting to straighten the hair blindly, to pin needles or even to put strands back into shape.

We’ll show you 10 tricks on how your updo survives the day and the party evening, how you feel good and how you can skilfully put yourself in the limelight as a glamor queen!

1. Do not wash fresh

Freshly washed hair is very soft and therefore harder to pin. The strands quickly slip out of your hand while you are styling. The hair is much easier to work on the day after the wash. It’s also practical – wash your hair again today and create a nice updo for it.

 Additional care units such as rinses and cures should be avoided before a planned updo. They ensure an even softer hair structure. Fine hair in particular can hardly be pinned and keeps slipping out of the hairstyle.

2. Dry shampoo – the updo miracle

 A brilliant trick for all updos is the dry shampoo! Two or three days after the last hair wash, apply the dry shampoo to the hair and the contours, leave it on and rub out with a towel or breasts. The result is sensational: the hair has a lot more grip, looks more voluminous and can be pinned up fantastically. But the best of all: The special grip due to the natural rice powder in the dry shampoo keeps the hairstyle A1! 

3. Give yourself more volume

If you have fine hair and not that much, start a volume offensive before pinning it up. For this you can, for example, work with a hair thickener or the makeup spray and do-it-yourself rollers . Spreading some volume foam in your hair and teasing it lightly are also a great updo. This gives the individual strands of hair a better grip and makes them easier to pin.

4. Make a hairstyle that matches your hair length

 Definitely – there are many absolutely great updos, but not every hair is suitable for every type of updo. You cannot style elaborate braided hairstyles with shorter hair, unless …

5. Cheating allowed

 Of course, you can use artificial hair pieces to lengthen your hair or to conjure up more volume here as well. However, the hair color and length should be right. A bun cushion can of course also be used, but it must be possible to cover it with your own hair.

6. As good as stapled

 If your styling is to be successful, you need decent plug-in materials. Here are bobby pins that really hold the nuts and bolts. There are different types of hairpins or small clips. Here you have to try out which plug-in variants you can cope better with. Crossed hairpins provide an even better hold. You shouldn’t use twisted hairpins or already slightly worn clips, because they loosen quickly and your hairstyle loses its stability.

As good as stapled

7. In this case, more is just better – hairspray

 If the hairstyle is set and how you imagine it, then: close your eyes and spray. With updos, you should be generous with the hairspray, because it covers the hair and stabilizes the look. Good hairspray does not apply or concrete the hair, so the hairstyle still looks natural with a good dose of spray.

8. Hair accessories – beautiful and practical

If you are already making the effort and artfully pinning your hair upwards, then you can also put this beautiful hairstyle in scene. Whether decorative clips, clasps, artificial flowers, ribbons or headbands. Such accessories are on the one hand additional highlights, on the other hand they can provide extra support or cover up slight errors. A double added value.

hair style

10. Emergency kit

 A couple of extra hairpins and a travel-size hairspray also fit in a small handbag. If there is a little more space, a small mirror can also help – so you can quickly straighten everything out when you are out and about.