Swimming – A Plus For Health

Water is not only inviting for swimming in summer temperatures.

Water is not only inviting for swimming in summer temperatures. Swimming is a very popular sport around the world. No wonder when you consider that swimming is an ideal combination of endurance, muscle building and fat burning. Swimming is fun, lifts your spirits and, by the way, also shapes your body.

Swimming – A Plus For Health

Swimming: a sport for everyone

Water is a human element, around 60 to 70 percent of which we humans consist of. We just feel good in water, the water carries us, makes us float, so that we can feel as light as a feather.

For this very reason, swimming is a sport that is suitable for almost everyone. Whether babies , children, adults or seniors – there is a suitable swimming technique for every age that can keep the body fit.

A baby can discover the world thanks to water

A baby is surrounded by fluid in the womb. It feels comfortable and secure in the amniotic fluid. Babies can also feel this feeling in water after birth. Many swimming pools offer baby swimming , although this is of course not about teaching the baby a swimming technique as early as possible.

A baby learns in water, because the various properties that water has can promote perception. Warmth, cold, wet, buoyancy and resistance can easily be discovered by a baby in the water.

If a child gets used to water, its properties and the correct handling of water at an early age, the child will have a lot of fun in this sport even at school age. Swimming can easily promote muscle building in a child.

Swimming gently trains the whole body

With regular exercise, swimming can burn calories and fat. The positive thing about swimming: In this sport, our body is largely carried by the water, so that any excess weight does not weigh on the joints during exercise.

In general, swimming is very gentle on the joints, so it is also suitable for people with knee problems, back pain or osteoarthritis .

Other positive effects on health

The activity of the legs when swimming supports the transport of blood to the heart, so that swimming can also prevent diseases of veins .

Since a lot of energy is consumed when swimming, the blood sugar level can also drop and thus the risk of developing diabetes may be reduced.

Experts and medical specialists recommend swimming for adults and children with allergic asthma . Swimming can also strengthen the respiratory muscles.

The right swimming technique

Anyone who suspects that swimming is not strenuous is wrong. The main reason swimming is so effective is that you have to move against the resistance in the water. Therefore, depending on age or state of health, the right technique in swimming is crucial for success: 

  • A classic swimming technique is the breaststroke.
  • The backstroke is particularly relieving for the head, neck and back.
  • The crawl requires a lot of strength and endurance, as is the dolphin style.

Swimming according to a training plan

Regardless of which technique or style you choose when swimming, if you stick to your training rules, you are doing something good for yourself and your health. Because the feeling of floating in the water, this sport is also a good counterbalance for stress.

As is so often the case in sports, the same applies to swimming: Please do not overdo it. If you start swimming or have not been active for a long time, you should start slowly and gradually increase. It is best to stick to a training plan exactly, so that your own health can be positively influenced.