what is pwd - PWD full form

What is PWD – Detailed information about PWD means

What is the full form of PWD? - PWD Full Form is Public Works Department. PWD is a Govt. of India department which deals with the construction and maintenance of public infrastructures like roads, government buildings, bridges, water systems, and more.

For the development of each state, its functions are divided into several departments, one of which is PWD. Roads, buildings, bridges, etc. are constructed by this department. PWD operates at the state level. This department also does the work of repairing schools, hospitals, etc. Detailed Information about PWD means is being given on this page.

In this article, we are going to tell you about what is PWD Full Form and who is called PWD, and what are its functions so that you can get complete information about PWD meaning.

What is PWD?

It is a government institution, this department is a full-fledged government department whose work is to make roads, buildings, bridges etc. in cities. This department works to make such resources available.

Full Form of PWD (PWD Full Form)

The full form of PWD is Public Works Department, abbreviated as PWD.

PWD means what?

PWD means Public Works Department is a government organization that works under the state government and each city has separate offices of PWD which work for water, building, construction, and repair, etc. in that city.

Any construction work related to the public is done by them, in this, small works ranging from the construction of a pipeline to the construction of a government hospital or the construction of a school, etc. are done by it.

PWD work (Work of PWD)

PWD completes many functions, all these works are governmental, including repair of roads, buildings, water facilities, schools, hospitals etc. The main work is as follows-

  • Government building
  • Road construction
  • Construction of bridges
  • Drinking water system

1. Arrange Drinking Water

PWD department makes available pure water in all areas of the city. If this department breaks the water pipeline at some place, it also repairs it.

2. Construction of Government Building

This department constructs government buildings anywhere in the city as per government orders. All government offices come in it.

3. Construction of Road

All roads are constructed within the city by this department, in addition to this, they also repair broken roads.

4. Construction of Bridge

The PWD department constructs all the bridges as required in its area, if a bridge crashes, it also repairs it.


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