How to keep your lipstick kissable 5 tips

How to keep your lipstick kissable: 5 tips

Wear lipstick despite a mask? But hello! Even if the coronavirus spoils us a lot: We don't want to do without our favorite beauty tool and its effect! After all, numerous studies confirm what we have secretly known for a long time: a red kissable mouth not only looks great, it also gives us self-confidence, signals strength and independence.

We don’t leave the house without colors on our lips – despite corona and mouth-nose protection! And so our favorite lipstick from dm stays kiss-proof under the mask:

Wear lipstick despite a mask? But hello! Even if the corona virus spoils us a lot: We don’t want to do without our favorite beauty tool and its effect ! After all, numerous studies confirm what we have secretly known for a long time: a red kissable mouth not only looks great, it also gives us self-confidence , signals strength and independence. There is only one challenge in Corona times: If you wear your mask every day, you have to expect (with the exception of blemished skin ) that foundation and lipstick will smudge over the course of the day.

Not if we know these tricks that keep dm’s favorite lipstick kissable:

Kissable lipstick despite the mask

  1. Prepare lips

    Even the best lipstick needs a good base. Lip peeling and lip care help to moisturize and remove dead skin from the dry skin of the lips . The principle is similar to that of a foundation primer : the primer bonds the lipstick better with the skin and extends its durability.

  2. It all depends on the product

    Especially in times like these, long lasting lipsticks or superstay pens from dm come in handy. Their special formula holds tight on the lips – even if the mask occasionally rubs against it. An additional plus point: some Long Lasting products even have an integrated care pen . This combination not only guarantees intense, long-lasting color, but also protects the delicate skin of the lips from drying out!

  3. Lip liner instead of lipstick

    Using lip liner is a great trick when, for once, you can’t find your favorite lipstick color in the wide range of Long Lasting versions. Apply your lip liner to all of your lips instead of just tracing the edges of your lips. Because of the high wax content, lipliners hardly stain at all – kissable lips guaranteed!

  4. Fix it: Setting Powder and Setting Spray

    What generally applies to foundation and concealer is also true for any color on the lips: carefully brush a transparent, long-lasting powder over the made-up lips or spray a setting spray to make the lipstick really kiss-proof .

  5. Touch-up products and small mirrors

    However, should a little more product get stuck in the mask, it is advisable to always have the necessary products with you and to freshen up if necessary. The great Long Lasting lipsticks from dm can be reapplied quickly and without much effort . If you want to go one step further, you can use concealer to trace the contours around your lips – and the perfect kissable mouth is ready!