Weight Gain

Weight Gain: If you want to gain weight, then use banana, ghee and butter in this way

Weight Gain: Some people remain upset due to being too low in weight. If you are underweight too. So you can increase your weight sitting at home.

Just as many people are worried due to being overweight. Similarly, there are many people like this. Those who are troubled due to being too low in weight. He always feels weak and tired and is unable to do any heavy work. In such a situation, they worry about increasing their weight. If you also want to increase your weight. So follow some home tips.

Tips to increase your weight

Eat Banana –

Banana is the best way to gain weight. Consuming bananas daily will be beneficial for you. Because bananas contain a sufficient amount of calories. Which also gives energy to the body. And also helps in gaining weight. You can eat bananas with milk. Apart from this, you can also drink a banana shake by making it.

Ghee and butter-

Ghee and butter are also beneficial for weight gain. Because both saturated fats and calories are very high in it. If you consume butter or ghee, your weight will increase very quickly. But also keep in mind that the quantity of ghee should not be too much.

Eat Peanut Butter-

Peanut butter also increases weight. Because it contains high calories. Carbohydrate content is plentiful. You can eat peanut butter by putting it in bread or with roti. There are about 90 calories in two tablespoons of peanut butter. So it is the best way to gain weight.

Eat potatoes

Potatoes should be included in your diet. Because it contains a sufficient amount of carbohydrates and complex sugar. Which helps in gaining weight. It can also be eaten as a vegetable. But don’t fry it too much.

Get plenty of sleep –

To increase your weight, you must sleep at least 7 to 8 hours. If you get enough sleep then the body will get rest.

Eat egg –

Eggs are rich in fat and calories. People who want to gain weight. He can consume it. However, raw eggs should not be eaten. Which can cause health-related problems.

Eat pomegranate

Eating pomegranate daily or drinking its juice also helps in weight gain, it increases our blood volume.