if you can dream it you can achieve it

If you can dream it, you can achieve it too

If You can Dream it You can Achieve it - Many dreams are innovative ideas that are ahead of their time, that require looking at things from a new perspective.

One day in a garage, a man and his friend dreamed of creating a computer that doesn’t need to be opened doesn’t have USB ports, and is incompatible with almost everything, but which everyone in the world wants, regardless of the price and the fact that he doesn’t need it. That man was Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, one of the largest companies in the world. Jobs made it clear that basically, anything you can dream of is achievable.

Many ideas and dreams seem crazy when you first think about them, but they are not. They are innovative ideas that are ahead of their time, that break all the rules and stereotypes that make it necessary to see things in a new light. To achieve it, you need courage in the face of the hurdles ahead and at the same time hope that will propel you forward.

“Have the courage to follow your heart and your intuition. You already know what you really want to be. Everything else is secondary. “

– Steve Jobs

Dreaming is just the beginning

A dream is an image that our mind perceives as real while we sleep. Sometimes this picture is so clear that it seems like we are actually living in it. Occasionally we may even sense a smell, taste, or sensation in our dreams.

Many writers and painters have created works based on the world of dreams. Sometimes the unconscious manifests itself, frees us from the bond to the real world and lets us enter another.

Dreaming of the things we are passionate about or a reality we want is just the first step in creating an image in our minds. It turns out to be a painting that gradually becomes clearer, a seed that is nourished and glowing with hope. Dreaming is just the beginning.

Listen to your intuition

Intuition can be defined as the ability to understand and decide quickly, immediately, in an instant. So fast that this process is usually beyond our perception and we cannot explain it logically.

In just one day we have to make thousands of decisions: what clothes to wear, which route or means of transport to take to work, etc. All of these decisions are made on the fly. If it weren’t for that, our day would be constant indecision and we’d be wasting a lot of time.

if you can dream it you can do it

– Walt Disney

Until ten years ago, social psychology advised making complex and central decisions after a thorough analysis of the situation. Yes, we are referring to those lists that we have all already made: Pros and Cons.

Well, the point of view has changed in the last few years. Two things have become clear to us: the reality is sometimes so complex that it is impossible to put it into a list, and even if you do this task perfectly, not all the factors on the list have the same weight.

If we look at the successful people, we can see that they have left those famous lists behind. They usually make their decisions quickly and precisely, rather linked to their intuition. They make statements like: “At that moment, I just felt it.” – “I had a clue.” – “I did it without thinking.”   Cases like this have led psychologists to question whether the rational horse they are betting on will actually be the winner.

Today we know that intuition is not only justified, but also that it is often more successful than a computer capable of performing thousands of processes at the same time; that it is more successful than following a logical and conscious process to reach a conclusion.

“Intuition is a spiritual skill; it offers no explanation, but simply shows the way. “

– Florence Scovel Shinn

Intuition comes with emotions and physical sensations. When making a decision, focus on how you are feeling and the physical implications of each possible solution. Do you feel good? Unpleasant? Happy? How do the decisions feel when you think about them? What choice do you dream or fantasize about?

The way to make your dreams come true

The path to your dreams may be complicated, but it is one that you envision for yourself, on which you set small goals along the way that you can achieve until you finally arrive and can make the longed-for dream come true. Focus on smaller, manageable goals first; this will build your confidence and show you that you can move forward if you take it to step by step and keep dreaming.

Confidence is an important part of making your dreams come true. If you don’t trust that you can do it, no one else will. It is therefore important to focus on small, actionable goals that are imminent. Every time you achieve a goal, it solidifies your idea that your dream can become a reality.

Being proactive is essential. That way, you’re not letting yourself stagnate over minor difficulties or wait for something to happen without doing something. Nobody will knock on your door and offer you your dream. You have to build it yourself with a lot of effort, daily work and hope.

Remember, dreaming is the first step in helping your goals take shape.

“Don’t give up because that’s life. Continue your journey, pursue your dreams, unlock the time, walk through the rubble and open the sky. “

– Mario Benedetti