How to find the right digital agency

The use of desktop computers and laptops is greatly simplified by certain, easy-to-learn key combinations, i.e. by pressing two keys on the keyboard at the same time. The very important keyboard shortcuts recommended here also called “shortcuts”, work for all Windows versions. They replace several mouse clicks in a row and can thus save time.

There is also a suitable lid for every potty. This applies not only in private life, but also in all business matters. If your company wants to find a digital agency that can help you with online marketing, strategic positioning, design, search engine optimisation and digitisation, then it depends on the right partner. We give tips on what is important to find a suitable digital agency.

Find the right digital agency in the broad agency landscape

In Germany there are more than 200 agencies that are part of the digital sector. The number tends to increase rather than decrease, which of course is initially something positive for you. You have the choice and can filter out the one that really suits your company from various offers. Because there are worlds between tech-savvy start-ups in a metropolis and regional SMEs that have yet to take a few steps in digitisation.

We want to help you to be able to presort quickly, before consulting discussions and you and the agency concretion your ideas.

your expectations

Before you look at the services of digital agencies, you should turn your gaze inward. What does your company expect and need from a digital agency? Are you looking for full service and thus all communication services from one source? Or is it about selective support for search engine optimisation, graphic design, technical optimisation of your website or digitisation of an existing service catalogue?

Not all agencies can offer all services; specialisation is also the key to success for digital agencies.

The more precisely you know what exactly you expect and want, the sooner you can find a really suitable digital agency.

Digital marketing is very extensive - so find out whether the agency's range of services corresponds to your wishes and ideas
Digital marketing is very extensive – so find out whether the agency’s range of services corresponds to your wishes and ideas

The offer catalogue

To find the perfect digital agency, you need someone who can offer you solutions for your company’s needs . The typical services of a digital agency include strategic alignment, IT consulting, branding and positioning, U.I. and U.X. design, web design, S.E.O. and SEA , content marketing, campaign planning and analysis and social media marketing .

Based on the priorities you have set, you can more easily presort which digital agency is right for you. Whether strategic advice, technical optimisation of your website, revision of your online shop or relaunch of your brand – get an exact picture of your ideal candidate in advance.

A question of references

An important question when choosing a digital agency: does it already have experience with similar projects? How satisfied are previous clients of the agency? You can often use case studies or references to get an overview of how experienced the agency actually is. Find out about existing customers and whether it is possible to get in touch with a few. In direct exchange, you can get an impression of how satisfied other companies are with the course of the project.

At the same time, you can use the case studies to brief the digital agency and share their expectations and ideas. This makes it easier for you to convey what exactly you want and in which direction you want graphic design or the design of your marketing activities.

A personal conversation

It is one of the firmly established components of digital agencies to offer personal consultations . Even if these often take place digitally instead of on site in the interests of pandemic containment.

Personal Conversation

You should definitely look for a personal conversation, whether on the phone, via zoom or in persona. After all, it is not just about a technically flawless cooperation, you have to want to work together for years. It works better when the chemistry is right, the ideas about cooperation fit together or you can grow together.

Coordinate the specific cooperation

In many cases it is the right choice for companies to outsource the permanent maintenance of their website, their design, their marketing, their online shops and their social media presence. After all, the necessary staff is not always available to take care of these services and bring in the necessary expertise.

In such cases, a digital agency should have the time and potential to be able to implement the wishes of your company on a permanent basis. That is why it is definitely worth exploring to what extent a long-term cooperation with a digital agency makes sense for you.

You may, however, also want to launch your cross-media campaigns yourself in the future and are currently only looking for staff to manage the content of your online store. In such cases, it is important that you find a digital agency that can provide  you with the content you need as a starting point in a nutshell.

The budget

Do your requirements match the services of the digital agency and the chemistry is right? Ultimately, of course, the budget is also decisive.

Highly specialised services can be costly and your financial expectations may not match the agency’s. So get comprehensive advice here , get service- related package prices or hourly rates from the digital agency and check exactly how far your budget can get you with which agency.

Find the right digital agency and optimise your digital presence

With our tips we want to make your search a little easier. Because you not only have the choice, you are also spoiled for choice. This can seem overwhelming at first, but if you invest the necessary work, specify your ideas in advance and know exactly what you want and your budget, you have the best chances of finding an agency that will permanently advance your company digitally .