What is an at sign (@) or an at symbol

What is an at the rate sign or an at the rate symbol (@)

On the Internet, @ (pronounced "at" or "at sign" or "address sign") is the symbol in an e-mail address that separates the name of the user from the user's Internet address, as in this hypothetical e-mail address example: [email protected]

If you have an e-mail account, you must be aware of the at the rate sign (@) or the at symbol and you are also using the at sign (@) on all social networking sites, but do you know that at Why the at the rate symbol (@) or at symbol is being used on email and social networking sites.

What does the At the Rate symbol meaning (@)?

@‘ At the rate symbol, you may have seen on the keyboard. The name of this @ symbol is At the rate sign. Many people also call this symbol At The Rate symbol ” (at the rate of). This symbol was earlier used as the denominator in mathematics. But right now it is used on the internet to show the username of social media platforms.

When this at the rate sign was used as a denominator in mathematics, it was used such that 10 Pen @ 5 rupees. This means the value of each pen out of 10 is 5 rupees, the value of 10 pen total is 10 × 5 = 50 rupees.

But at present, with the help of this @ sign, one understands the Username of social media. Use of this at “@” symbol before the username of any social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. But in email, this symbol is used in the middle of the Email ID.

What is an at the rate sign or an at the rate symbol (@)

Actually, the full form of the at sign (@) is at the rate of symbol, which is used in mathematics to determine one’s rate. But to use it in the email to determine someone’s rate, but also the name of the email service provider or social networking site. Is being used to indicate the name of. This indicates which site your account is on, or is simply stated that you are “located at”. 
Let me tell you that any email ID is in two parts. A part that is preceded by an @. It contains your name or the letter or number you choose and the second part is the one that comes after the @ at rate sign, in which the domain name of the email service provider is written. 
The symbol of at the rate (@) is also used in various programming languages. Similarly, social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ are also using the at sign (@).

Why used @ at the rate symbol in the Email?

You must have come to the question of that in spite of having so many symbols on the internet, why the @ symbol was used in the email ID. 

So let me tell you that this “@” At The Rate symbol was first used in email ID by Ray Tomlinson in 1971. There is no correct information as to why this symbol was used in Ray Tomlinson’s email ID. But I think @ sign was also used to indicate Username in other social media platforms like email ID. 

An email ID [email protected] is like this. The first is the username followed by the “@” at symbol followed by the email name of the Email Provider. The first of these is the username of the email ID. This @ at symbol was used to denote this username. 

But in other social media platforms, the “@” at sign is preceded by the username, but the middle of the email id may be the reason for separating the two things in the email ID which are the username and the domain of the email provider. This @ sign is used at the middle of the email ID and at the end of the username.

What is the use of “@” at the rate symbol?

Apart from Email ID and social media username, at the rate of sign (@) is used in many places. He is:

1) In a platform like Facebook, Instagram, this symbol is used to tag any other people in a comment or in a post.

2) This symbol is used in computer language.

3) This sign is used in different countries with different meanings.


From this article, you will know what is the use of “@” at the rate symbol meaning or “@” at the rate sign. I hope you got to know a lot about “@” at the rate of symbol from this article.