Are Potatoes High In Histamine? Is It Harmful To The Body?

In this modern time, people of all age groups, especially children, love to eat street food, chips or other edibles that offer high-fat content. But unfortunately, these food items don’t add to the calorie intake in the body. Is this case true with potatoes, which are considered a high protein source?

High levels of histamine often interfere with the nervous system and cause itching, sometimes diarrhea and vomiting. In the worst cases, it also has an adverse effect on your lungs, making it difficult for you to breathe. But do all kinds of potatoes including white, red, and blue are high in Histamine? Or do they share the same histamine levels? How to keep your histamine level in control, read this article till the end to know more. 

Potatoes And Histamine Intolerance 

Potatoes are eaten all over the world, especially in the USA as it is a low-calorie intake item along with a delicious taste. Generally, potatoes don’t have high histamine levels and they don’t increase the body’s burden. Most people with histamine intolerance can eat potatoes without any problem. Even if someone is suffering from food-related issues like gluten sensitivity, it is rare to be allergic to potatoes. 

Potatoes’ histamine level fluctuates, depending on the methodology to cook. If the potatoes are boiled or steamed, it will result in the lowest histamine. Whereas mashed potatoes will only have low histamine if they are eaten fresh, else they have high histamine levels. Additionally, it doesn’t matter whether it is red, blue, or white potatoes, all types of potatoes have the same histamine level. 

Unfortunately, this isn’t true at all. Depending upon the food content, the level of histamine will vary. Some of the commonly eaten potato-related food items and their histamine levels have been mentioned below:

Are Potato Flakes High In Histamine?

Yes, potato flakes have high histamine because of their manufacturing production. A potato flake undergoes numerous stages of baking before being presented to the consumer and during these stages, there are high chances that bacteria shall be produced, causing high histamine levels. For example: to make potato-dried flakes, the manufacturers always use the drum drying method to dehydrate the potatoes and it will reduce the chances of high histamine in potatoes.

Are Sweet Potatoes High In Histamine?

No, sweet potatoes have low histamine levels as it is a nutritious food item and do not affect your sugar content in the body. Even people suffering from nightshade are recommended to eat sweet potato as it is not-at-all considered a poisonous food item for them. 

Are Potato Chips High In Histamine?

The chips from the store have low histamine levels. Though it is difficult to check what kind of material is used in the making of chips, it is advisable to always be cautious and read the content description carefully while eating packaged food as there are chances of having high histamine levels.

Is Potato Flour High In Histamine?

Potato flour has a low histamine level, it is made by pulverizing uncooked dried potatoes. The flour also contains oxalates and lectins which can increase your allergic reaction.

Avoid Overdoing Of Potatoes With Histamine Intolerance 

Potatoes have low histamine, but it depends upon how it is prepared. Potatoes can also increase your sugar level and also contribute to insulin resistance and inflammation. Eating potatoes occasionally or in limit can never harm anyone. But as they say,” Excessive of everything is hard, so true with the case with the potatoes. Additionally, It is strongly recommended not to eat potatoes as a substitute for non-starchy vegetables. According to Harvard health, eating potatoes can raise your blood sugar as eating a handful of jelly beans. 

What Are The Methods Of Keeping Low Histamine Levels In Potatoes?

You can always have low-histamine level potatoes in your kitchen and some of the most trusted and consumer-friendly methods are given below:

  1. For low-histamine level cooking, intend to cook slowly using an instant pot or pressure cook.
  2. Don’t use cooking methods that involve your potato being heated for more than an hour. Try to use potatoes that are baked, boiled, and steamed. Heating on high flame and for prolonged hours will release compounds & endocrine disruptors, that raise the level. 
  3. Avoid storing them in a plastic container over the glass container.
  4. Try to use non-stick pans if possible. 

Why Avoid Food Which Is High In Histamine 

The majority of the people can tolerate food that has a high histamine level as only 1%of people have histamine intolerance. Sometimes eating high histamine food will trigger your immune system and will result in headache, skin irritation, diarrhea, and shortness of breath. If these symptoms are there, immediately go to the doctor or dietitian as they will recommend you to avoid food that is high in histamine.


What is the bottom line that needs to be kept in mind? 

If you have histamine intolerance, you won’t suffer from any problem but most of them who have histamine problems are not able to tolerate potatoes. Always keep in mind that mashed potatoes will increase your level as it will only create difficulties for you, so it’s better to eat within the limit.

Is popcorn low in histamine?

Yes, popcorn is low in histamine, and the best way to prepare them is at home with pre-packed microwave popcorn as they are also too easy to make and they are recommended for a low histamine diet.

Which food item should be avoided if you have a high histamine level?

Alcohol, Aged cheese and packed meat must be avoided to avoid high histamine levels. 


Do potatoes have high histamine? No potatoes don’t have a high level of histamine but it can increase as it depends on the way they are cooked. What is the relation between histamine and potatoes, do flakes and chips have histamine? You will get to know it once you read the whole article.