what is the full form of amc

What is AMC Meaning? | AMC full form

The full form of AMC is the "Annual Maintenance Contract". This is a type of service. Which the manufacturer company gives to its buyers. Often the company offers this feature on valuable products.

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What is the full form of AMC?

The full form of AMC is the “Annual Maintenance Contract” or “Annual Maintenance Contract“.

What is AMC meaning?

AMC stands for Annual Maintenance Contract. It is also called Annual Maintenance Charges. This is a type of service. Which the manufacturer company gives to its buyers. Often the company offers this feature on valuable products. like:-

  • Computers and laptops
  • Servers, machines
  • Scanner, printer
  • Television, refrigerator, AC
  • Almost every electrical and electronic device.

The company sells its expensive products to customers using the Annual Maintenance Contract. And the customer also gets satisfaction and peace of mind with the annual maintenance contract. Because of which they use their product with confidence.

However, according to AMC full form in a mutual fund, it is known as the asset management company. And in the language of AMC full form in army, it is called Army Medical Corps.

Other Popular AMC full Form:

The term AMC has also been used in the short form of other technical words. Let’s also have a look at what other full forms of AMC are. That is, AMC acronyms are used to express shortened words.

AMC full form in Cricket: Average Match Count

AMC full form in Army: Army Material Command

AMC full form in Computer: Annual Maintenance Contract

AMC full form in cinema: American Multi-Cinema

AMC full form in Music: American Music Center

AMC  full form in Medical: Australian Medical Council

AMC  full form in Banking: Annual Maintenance Charge

AMC full form in Hospital: Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenital

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