Spring cleaning

It Is About Spring Cleaning

Yes It`s that time of the year! Spring cleaning: For some, this word triggers any negative emotions … This raises the question for many: Why the whole Heckmeck? The apartment is cleaned once a week! And the next question: spring cleaning – when and how?

Of course, you clean the apartment: once a week, the bathroom, kitchen, hallway, living-dining room and bedroom are on, but proper deep cleaning often falls behind in everyday life.

Because everyone has them: the spots and cleaning tasks that you confidently postpone again and again to the next cleaning because you don’t have “time” or because you simply overlook them. That can happen quickly, especially if you like to avoid unpleasant tasks.

And it is precisely these postponed tasks that are tackled during spring cleaning – regardless of losses!

Why spring cleaning at all – couldn’t you just as easily do it at any other time of the year?

Start with spring cleaning, when is the best time? Apart from the necessary cleaning after the winter, spring has always been considered the time of a new beginning. And so we enjoy the new lightness in our houses and apartments, which have been freed from unnecessary ballast and dirt. Warmer weather is still very useful for spring cleaning today: You can open the windows wide while cleaning in every room and ventilate them properly. Warmer temperatures are also an advantage when cleaning windows.

In addition, the major cleaning is often repeated again in autumn, when the home is made winterproof and prepared for the Christmas season.

So let’s lower the cleaning inhibition threshold for spring cleaning together!

Spring cleaning – when and how to start: Start Slow

The hardest point to overcome is getting started. At the beginning you only see a huge lump that seems so huge and insurmountable that you don’t feel like it. But it’s not that bad!
What helps: Write a list of things that need to be worked through. Proceed categorically here – each room has its own to-do list.
You start with the room that has the smallest to-do list – Easy right?
Because that way you quickly get a sense of achievement that motivates you and drives you to free the other rooms of old burdens! 

This is a nice start, because you will get results quickly and these small successes give you a good, in the best case lively feeling that drives you to keep cleaning!

Spring cleaning – when and how: Start Cleaning!

As soon as you have decided on a room, the fun can start! But which points in the apartment do I have to consider for this?

Here are 5 must-have items on your spring cleaning list:

To shine

You often look at them from below, but rarely from above … and that’s where the dust tends to collect.
Grab a damp cloth and wipe the lights once.
To avoid accidental electric shocks: Pull the plug before cleaning.


Touched 1000 times, nothing happened 1000 times!
You can’t quite say that here, because how often do we open doors with unwashed fingers? Exactly, you don’t really want to think about it 😀
Take a rag and ordinary all-purpose cleaner or natural soap for cleaning and wipe the surfaces and door handles.
Important for wooden doors: only wipe with a damp cloth, never completely wet, because moisture can cause the wood to swell – and we do not want that, do we?


Heaters are incredibly great – especially incredibly great for collecting in dust! And not only that: if you don’t clean the heating 1-2 times a year, dust mites can find food here.
Tip: Wipe the outside of the heater with all-purpose cleaner and water. Caution: do not use sponges that can scratch the paint. Remove dirt from the interior with special long heating brushes and a narrow nozzle on the vacuum cleaner.


It’s even nicer to look out and see everything clearly, without any dirt filter over it, isn’t it? Then grab a rag, glass cleaner and a bucket of water.

Blinds and curtains

In the case of roller blinds and blinds, dust accumulates over a long period of time – roller blinds are particularly common because you have to put the slats upright and then wipe each side with a dry cloth. But the work is worth it!