3 styling tips to keep the helmet from ruining your hairstyle
3 styling tips to keep the helmet from ruining your hairstyle

3 styling tips to keep the helmet from ruining your hairstyle

Nothing makes you more stylish than a Perfect Hairstyle !

Spring is approaching – and that means not only higher temperatures and more sunshine, but also the start of the bicycle and motorcycle season. For safety reasons, helmets are an absolute must. There is only one annoying catch: the unloved helmet hairstyle. STYLEBOOK knows 3 styling tips and hairstyles with which the helmet hairstyle phenomenon is now a thing of the past.

Tips to counteract a helmet hairstyle

Only then style


If you are out and about with a helmet, you should do without setting gel, hairspray or mousse beforehand. The body heat and the pressure of the helmet otherwise compress the hairstyle and the unpleasant helmet hairstyle is created. It’s also hard to pull your hair apart after the ride. So it’s best to always apply styling products after cycling.

Choosing the right haircut

Hairstyles with gradations and intermediate lengths are well suited for helmet wearers. Because: The hair can be loosened more easily with the fingers after the helmet is removed. Are you wearing a long bob ? Then simply fluff up the flattened hair a little and help with hair or volume spray – done!


Let hair dry completely

A tip that is as effective as it is simple: Let freshly washed hair dry completely before putting on the helmet. If you put the helmet on slightly damp hair, the hair sticks shapeless and flat to the head and can hardly be saved after removing it. In addition, the rubbing of damp hair with the helmet can promote hair breakage. It is therefore worth blow-drying your hair a few minutes longer in the morning to prevent a helmet hairstyle.

The most practical hairstyles under the helmet

Low ponytail or bun


If you wear your hair long, you can style it well despite a helmet: Simply tie your hair loosely at the nape of the neck with an elastic band in a bun or ponytail. After removing the helmet, you can tie your hair in a high ponytail or a messy bun.

Two braids

Braided hairstyles are ideal for wearing under the helmet: They keep annoying strands out of the face, reliably fix the whole mane and look pretty stylish too. Best example? Double braids, so simply two braids. For the braided hairstyle, simply pull a middle parting, braid a braid on each side and put it forward over the shoulders or let it fall over the back. If you can, start with it on the top of the head, then the hairstyle holds a tad better.

The peasant braid

Another braided hairstyle that is suitable for wearing under the helmet is the peasant braid, also known as the French braid. To do this, simply make a deep side parting, divide the hair into three strands and braid down from the roots. In order to gain some volume , the top of the head can be pulled apart a little after taking off the helmet, creating the trendy “messy look”.