What is 1k means, 1M means, and 1B means

What is 1k means, 1M means, and 1B means?

In today's article, we will not only tell you 1k Meaning, but at the same time, we will also tell you 1B and 1M Meaning. Because when you will know the meaning of 1k, then it will also be necessary for you to know the meaning of 1M and 1B.

n today’s article, we will not only tell you 1k Meaning, but at the same time, we will also tell you 1B and 1M Meaning. Because when you will know the meaning of 1k, then it will also be necessary for you to know the meaning of 1M and 1B. So you are reading the right article.

We humans like to find shortcuts in everything, mostly in any work, whether it is a shortcut of some work or words.

We like to speak or write by shortening many words, such as Kilometer to Km, Centimeter to cm, Minutes to Min, etc.

You must have often read on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, etc., there you must have read Likes, Followers, Comments or Subscribers written as 1k followers, 1M Subscribers, etc. You can see in the image below:

1k means, 1M means, and 1B means

Many of the people who use social media know its meaning.

But those who do not know that on the basis of which calculation 1k, 1M, and 1B are written on social platforms.

Keep reading our article carefully because today we are going to share all these terms in detail.

So let us now know about 1 k Means.

What is 1k Meaning?

In 1k, k means “Kilo” which has 1,000 units. Kilo is derived from the Greek word “Khiloi”.

You must have always seen that on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc. k is always written with the number 1k or above, because k starts with 1.

Often on social media, 1k, 2k, etc. are used to denote the number of 1,000 or above. You must have known k meaning very well by now.

You would think that 1,000 can be written as 1,000, but on social media, the number is very big somewhere like 1,00,000. So in such a situation, no one will sit to calculate zero.

That’s why here k is used as a shortcut because everyone is aware of k that k means 1,000, so even here, by writing the number on social media, then it would mean k. Will be in the thousands.

You can also read some common k’s given below :

  • 1k Means – 1,000 (one thousand)
  • 1.4k Means – 1,400 ( Fourteen hundred)
  • 2k Means  – 2,000 (Two Thousand)
  • 10k Means – 10,000 (Ten Thousand)
  • 20k Means – 20,000 (Twenty Thousand)
  • 100k Means  – 1,00,000 (One Lakh)
  • 200k Means in Hindi – 2,00,000 (Two Lakh)

We hope that now you must have come to know about 1k Means very well.

So let us now tell you about 1M Means, about which it will be easy for you to know.

What is 1M Meaning?

M stands for Million in 1M, there are 10,00,000(Million) units in 1M.

Means to say 1M (One Million) is made of 1,000k’s ​​(Million).

There is also a logic behind using Million. As we all know that there is no end to the number of maths. Similarly, using k at one point in time also seems big.

Like we told you above that 1,000k’s ​​is 1M. We also had to write a bigger number next to k to represent one million.

That’s why M is used to represent a number that is one million or more.

Below we have given some common M:

  • 1M Means– One Million
  • 1.5M Means – Fifteen Lakh
  • 10M Means  – One Crore
  • 100M Means – Ten Crore
  • 200M Means – 20 Crore

Many people consider 1M as 1MB, you do not need to get confused between these two right now.

You must have known 1M Means very well by now, so let us now tell you 1B Means.

What is 1B Meaning?

In 1B, B means Billion, in 1B there are 100,00,00,000 units i.e. hundred crores.

1B is made up of 1,000M. You must have understood about also that B is used to show the number of crores in short on Google and social media platforms.

Some common B’s are as follows:

  • 1B Means – 100 Crore
  • 1.5B Means  – 150 Crore
  • 10B Means  – 1,000 Crore
  • 100B Means – 10,000 Crore
  • 200B Means – 20,000 Crore

We think that you must have known very well by now what is 1B Means.

This cycle does not end here, as the numbers increase, we keep writing them by shortening them. There are also many terms above Billion such as T which we call Trillion.

Because of the terms that come on B, their use is not so common and they do not work much anywhere. That’s why we will tell you about the terms till B only.

Why are 1k, 1M, and 1B used?

1k, 1M, and 1B are used in many places such as:

  • 1k usage: Numbers 1k or above are mostly used on social media.

It is used in many other places, such as on Blogs, Websites, etc.

The amount of 1k or above is also used in online and offline reports etc.

  • Use of 1M: The number 1M or above is used with M on social media, but at the same time it is also used to show the net worth of Millionaires, etc.

M is mostly used in money.

  • Use of 1B: The number 1B or above is also used along with B to indicate the net worth of social media and Billionaires.

Because Billionaires have more money, then their net worth cannot be easily represented by the short Modi term, so only B is used.

You must have understood very well by now that all these short terms play an important role in our life.

1B, 1M, and 1k Meaning in Social Media

The terms 1k, 1M and 1B are also used here on social media, whether in comments or likes, all of these meanings are the same, such as:

1M Views Means: One Million Views

1k Likes Means: One Thousand Likes

1B Views Means: Hundred Crore Views

All these terms are used on social media only to show people a very large number in a short and easy way.

What do 1k, 1B and 1M mean in currency?

If you use social media, then you must be often heard that the net worth of this “Billionaire/Millionaire has become so much. It has become a new Billionaire of the world” etc.

Now one thing is clear here that these are Billionaires and Millionaires, they have wealth in millions and billions, hence they are called Millionaire and Billionaires.

But when many people calculate their wealth in their own currency, they calculate it wrongly. So let’s tell you about it.

All the Billionaires and Millionaires who have wealth, are mostly calculated in USD Dollars. And many people who do not know about millions and billions, when they count their net worth in their currency, then they forget to convert dollars into their currency.

For example, if a Millionaire has 10M dollars, then many people consider it as 1 Crore Rupees which is absolutely wrong.

Do not panic, it is easy to see by converting dollars or any other currency to any other currency.

If you want to convert any currency into rupees such as dollars.

First of all, you have to check the current rate of the dollar in rupees on the internet and then you have to multiply the current rate by the number of rupees you want to convert to win dollars.

As the dollar rate is around 70 rupees now, then if someone has 10M dollars, then it will be around 70 crores in Indian currency.

All this rule applies to Millions, Billions and k while converting from one currency to another.

  • 1k Means in Rupees – One thousand rupees
  • 1k Means in Dollars – One thousand dollars means that around 70,000 rupees
  • 100k Means in Rupees – One Lakh Rupees
  • 100k Means in Dollars – One lakh dollars means that around 70 lakh rupees
  • 1M Means in Rupees – Ten Lakh Rupees
  • 1M Means in Dollars – One million dollars means about 7 crore rupees
  • 1B Means in Rupees – Hundred Crore Rupees
  • 1B Means in Dollars – Hundred crore dollars means that about 7,000 crore rupees

So in this way you can easily convert K, M and B from one currency to another without getting confused.

Final Words

We have not only told you 1k Means in this article but at the same time, the meaning of 1M and 1B has also been told.

We have also told you why these terms are used on social media and what all these terms mean in currency.

You should not forget the meaning of all these terms, so we have repeated them once again below.

  • 1k Means – 1,000 (one thousand)
  • 1M Means – One Million
  • 1B Means – 100 Crore

If you liked the information given by us, then you must share this article with your relatives, friends, and neighbors so that they too can clear their confusion by knowing this information.